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The Long Business Career of Cameron Poetzscher

June 24, 2017

If you were to look up Cameron Poetzscher these days, you will find that he currently serves as the Head of Corporate Development at ride sharing company Uber. After years in business, his reputation has grown into someone capable of doing his best work in the most stressful and challenging situations imaginable. While many business executives seem to wilt in the fact of intense pressure, Cameron Poetzscher actually seems to do his best work under the most difficult conditions.

A key aspect of Cameron Poetzscher's long career has featured his intense focus on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors of the economy, with a little extra attention being paid on the entertainment and Internet areas. That may be why he was selected to lead one of Uber’s most important areas, since corporate development will likely be enormously important in moving the company forward. Cameron Poetzscher’s experience also includes working closely with a number of iconic tech industry leaders and innovators. He is highly touted for his ability to bring a highly creative and analytical approach to problem-solving and decision-making.